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ABA Studio is an award-winning architecture firm in New York City that creates vital, distinctive spaces and buildings for institutional, commercial and residential clients. We act as catalysts for our clients’ interests, uniting their aspirations, needs and identity in inventive solutions. The results are as varied and vibrant as the revitalized LREI High School in Greenwich Village, an energized 40,000-square-foot headquarters for Pandora Media in midtown Manhattan, and a vibrant addition for an upstate residence.


For ABA Studio, each design involves a social contract to empower individuals and the communities they are part of.  We become our clients’ collaborative partners in creating their new facility, whether it is an environment for learning, a think-space for product development, or a well-branded retail environment. Our goal is fully realized, technologically responsive spaces that fully express each client’s identity.


We are as adept working with historic buildings as we are with new construction, melding a contemporary, response with older design so that they speak as one. ABA Studio brings to these projects a full design palette, using color, pattern and a wide range of materials to produce well-tailored facilities. Context inspires invention to produce a more expansive, flexible environment.


At a very practical level, ABA Studio can assure that our projects, whether new construction or adaptive reuse, get built as they are designed. We are accustomed to working with educational clients’ demanding schedules and strict budgets and the fast track turn around that commercial interiors require, with no loss of quality. For New York City projects, that includes working relationships with all of the city agencies that oversee the built environment.


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